The Timeline


Lutcher Stark marries Nita Hill




April – Frank Mills and William Mills are born in Radford, Virginia on the 26th of April to Bertie Mills;

September – Mills twins are removed from custody of their birth mother by court order and  placed in custody of Virginia State Board of Public Welfare.  Two days later, custody of twins is placed with Children’s Home Society of Virginia.

October –  Mills twins are placed by Baby Home Finder from Tennessee with Nita andLutcher Stark




March – Adoption consent formally given by Children’s Home Society; thereafter, Nita and Lutcher Stark legally adopt Mills twins, whose names are changed to Homer and Bill Stark




Nita Hill Stark dies, Lutcher Stark – Independent Executor




Lutcher Stark Marries Ruby Childers




July – Paperwork required for Bill and Homer’s military enlistment is completed and compiled on July 3rd, including Texas birth certificates that were issued on same day after completion of affidavit process in Orange County Court.  This was necessary to verify age for military enlistment, as any original birth certificates issued in Virginia were sealed with adoption

July – Ruby Stark dies on July 12th

Lutcher Stark – Independent Executor




Lutcher Stark marries Nelda Childers in December; several weeks later, Lutcher sends various correspondence describing his happiness with Nelda




Voluntary Accounting of Nita Hill Stark Estate (Winkelman Audit). Acknowledged, studied and accepted by Bill and Homer, who signed Receipts and Releases Estate dropped from probate docket.




Lutcher Stark dies

Nelda Stark – Independent Executrix




All assets of Estate of Lutcher Stark distributed and all debts paid




Bill Stark dies

Ida Marie Stark – Independent Executrix




Lawsuit filed by Ida Marie Stark (Bill Stark’s widow) against Nelda Stark and Stark Foundation; Ramona Stark Sands joins lawsuit as Assignee of Homer Plaintiffs seek a full and complete accounting of the assets of the Estate of Nita Stark – 49 years after death of Nita Stark;

– 40 years after final accounting (60 pages) of Estate of Nita Hill Stark;

– 40 years after receipt, acknowledgement of study of final accounting and Release on final accounting by Bill Stark and Homer Stark, predecessors in title to current plaintiffs;

– 23 years after Lutcher Stark, the accused Executor, dies;

– 11 years after distribution of assets and payment of debts of Estate of Lutcher Stark; and

– 11 years after death of Bill Stark




Lawsuit is settled by Nelda Stark’s payment of $5 million total – $2,500,000 to Homer Stark and his children and $2,500,000 to the family of Bill Stark – in exchange for a ‘Full, Final and Complete Release’.

Releases are executed by Ida Marie Stark and her children, Bill Stark, Randy Stark, and Linda Barras; and Homer Stark, his wife, Becky, and their children, Rebecca Nugent, Rebel Falcone, Lutcher “Jake” Stark and Ramona Sands (“Releasing Parties”). Release is of any and all claims whatsoever pertaining to the Nita Stark Estate, Lutcher Stark Estate, any actions of Nelda Stark regarding those estate, and the operations or activities of the Stark Foundation.




Nelda Stark dies




After additional litigation is threatened by some of the Releasing Parties against Foundation and Nelda Stark Estate, the Estate/Foundation request the court declare that the 1991 Releases bar any further claims.




Members of the Bill Stark family file additional claims against the Nelda Stark Estate/Foundation based, once again, on claims involving the Nita Stark Estate, Lutcher Stark Estate, etc.




Homer Stark filed two separate lawsuits, one against the Nelda Stark Estate involving claims for wrongful removal from the Foundation Board and breach of alleged oral promise to convey Roslyn Ranch, and the other making claims relating to the Nita Stark Estate, Lutcher Stark Estate and Foundation.




Homer Stark and his children file petition in exparte (one side only) proceeding for exhumation of bodies of Lutcher Stark and W.H. Stark for genetic testing; order is granted.  Exhumation subsequently occurs for DNA testing; results never published or otherwise confirmed.




Texas Court finds in favor of Stark Foundation and Nelda Stark Estate




Texas Court awards attorneys’ fees and costs to Stark Foundation and Nelda Stark Estate relating to its defense of 2001 claims of Bill Stark family; Texas judgment is subsequently affirmed by Court of Appeals and Texas Supreme Court.




Louisiana courts reject claims of Homer Stark and Bill Stark family members in estate matters in that state, which findings are affirmed on appeal.




Nelda Stark Estate entered settlement agreement with Homer Stark that permitted him to purchase Roslyn Ranch in Colorado for fair market value in exchange for release by Homer Stark and those acting by, through or under him.




November – Homer Stark’s grandson, Patrick Nugent, forms limited partnership named Stark Ranch, LP, of which Patrick Nugent and LLC formed by him are the sole partners; Homer Stark assigns his interest in purchasin Roslyn Ranch to Stark Ranch, LP.




March 23 –  Nelda Stark Estate sold Roslyn Ranch to Homer Stark family partnership (Stark Ranch, LP) for $3,927,000.00.